Arizona Living

Arizona is often referred to as the Grand Canyon State, after its most famous landmark, but it has so much more to offer. From the eerie Sonoran Desert in the Southwest, to Phoenix - the most vibrant of cities, Arizona has it all. History, architecture, natural beauty, stunning scenery, fertile meadows, ancient Pueblo ruins and national monuments; whether you are looking for culture or solitude there is something for everyone.

Although Arizona has a desert climate and landscape, it has its share of rivers, pine forests and mountains too. It ascends from the lowlands of the Colorado River to the snow-capped heights of Humphrey’s Peak which stands a mighty 12,633 feet (3851m) high. With such a diversity of landscape, it is no wonder that thousands of people each year visit Arizona as tourists. Some of those visitors, enraptured by all that Arizona has to offer, decide to stay permanently and make Arizona their home. In 2006 Arizona was the fastest growing state in America.

Drawn by the dry climate, mild winters and abundant sunshine, many retirees today choose to settle in Arizona. It has long been a popular destination for winter ‘snowbirds’ from colder states and even north of the border. These winter visitors often buy second homes in Arizona, but it is not just the over 65s who populate the state. Young adults appreciate the trendy city nightlife in Scottsdale and the convenience of living in Phoenix. Luxury shopping, high-end restaurants and endless sporting opportunities draw a younger crowd to work, live and play in Arizona.

Best Places to Live in Arizona

What other state offers such a wide spectrum of activities? From skiing in Flagstaff to boating and water sports on Lake Havasu, the natural attractions and national parks make Arizona prime for hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, climbing and bird watching. Then there are the extreme sports which really get the adrenalin pumping – white water rafting, jet boating, snowboarding, sky diving, paragliding and bungee jumping. With 27 state parks, the Grand Canyon and many spectacular red rock formations, Arizona seems to have more than its fair share of nature’s bounty.

Even in the city, Arizona offers an exceptional quality of life. One of the best places to live in Arizona, Scottsdale has more spas per capita than any other city in the USA, as well as being a tourist Mecca. It is a premier golf resort and hosts many international golf tournaments.

There are one and a half million people living in Phoenix, the state capital, home. It is known for its hot summers, Mexican food and major league baseball club, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Victorian town of Prescott is in complete contrast to Tucson, a modern city which is proud of the world class University of Arizona.

Flagstaff attracts a huge number of visitors to the nearby Grand Canyon, Red Rocks of Sedona, Ponderosa pine forests and high altitude ski slopes.

If all this makes you want to head for Arizona, be warned. Like many before you, a visit to Arizona may be a one-way ticket and you will not want to call anywhere else but Arizona home!